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Design Services


Innovative Building Solutions will hear from you about the project and gather the necessary information that will be conveyed in the design. Using the information about your wants and needs, a custom solution will be created.

Draft Design

Utilize Innovative Building Solutions complete design services. A draft design is required for most home remodeling jobs. Not only does IBS complete a draft design for each construction project, but we also offer design services without the commitment to do a construction project with us.

Building Options

Our designs can be used for any residential project. This means you can use any builder you wish, get a quote from us or do the work yourself. Whoever you select to complete the project, you can rest assured in the knowledge that your plans were completed by a licensed general contractor.


Your completed design can be created as formal as required by permits and as detailed as desired by you, our client. We also believe that our attention to detail sets us apart from our competition.

Client First

We listen to our client's wants and needs when designing for their upcoming project. Our custom solution will incorporate all of your design ideas while ensuring that building codes are being followed. Our ultimate goal is to create a partnership with each client.


Designs and formal drawings can be negotiated for any residential project. Cost depends on the size and scope of your designs. Contact us today to find out how much designs or drawings will cost for your project in Colorado Springs & Florence, CO.